Wedding Florists, part 2

Ok, I heard back from Shelly’s Designs, and they are completely booked up for October 6th. Bugger. The website for Flowers by Jo Ellen is still down, but I emailed her. Since yesterday, I found Michigan Wedding Solutions, which has been fairly helpful. Through that, I’ve discovered a few more websites, and am currently in the process of checking out rates and contacting them. So here are the new lists;



I am having severe issues with what some of these photographers charge. I was hoping to pay about $1,000 for the photographer and the photos, but that seems like maybe it’s terribly laughable. I know I want either the negatives, or a digital copy of the negatives, as I plan on putting them up on the gallery. Quite frankly, I feel if I’m paying them that much to take photos, it shouldn’t be an issue – I don’t want to pay a ransom for my wedding photos.

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