Wedding Plans

Ok, figured I’d post with wedding updates, most likely more for my benefit than yours. So far I have;

  • the dress
  • the reception hall
  • the church
  • the dj

We still need;

  • flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages)
  • invitations
  • cake
  • photographer

Currently I’m going through paperwork mom sent down – one of her co-workers had a daughter get married in Grand Rapids, and sent down the names and information of everyone they used. Thankfully the florist and photographer have websites, as they are fairly visual and I’d like to check out their work a little before I decide if I’m interested. The people I’m checking out right now are as follows;

Mom is down Thursday and Friday, so I’m trying to get as many appointments in that time period as possible, so we can check things out. Hopefully I can get an appointment at Shelly’s Designs for Thursday, because if we like her that would take care of the flowers and the invites.

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