I Totally Love Big Lots

Matt & I were out tonight, picking up some things for the apartment – he needed a nightstand, and we were looking for a small bookshelf for the office, to hold computer books. We went to Big Lots, since they were closed Sunday when we tried last. Holy crap! We should have gone earlier! Not only did they have a nice little nightstand, and a short bookshelf, and a magnetic towel bar for the kitchen, they had ANIME! Good anime, even! They had the Cowboy Bebop: Best Sessions for $3! Sure, it’s not the whole series, but it’s only $3. They had stacks of anime; lots of which I’d not heard of before. We got the first volume of Galaxy Angel and Panda Z for $3 each, as well. Even if they turn out to be crap, they were only $3.

One thought on “I Totally Love Big Lots”

  1. Make sure you keep an eye on their specials. They tend to get a lot of NICE stuff in especially around the holidays. My dorm room at GVSU used to be filled with Big Lots stuff. Although, I liked the store out in Jenison better than Kentwood, but I helped set that store up, so I may be biased.

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