Set Phasers to ‘Shop’

So last night we (and by “we,” I mean “I”) caught Hell for not having registered anywhere for the wedding. I never know where to register, or what to register for. Mom sort of took care of the first one for us – she told people were going to register at Target and Kohl’s, which works. So tonight Matt & I filled out the registry, and got one of the fun little zappy guns, and registered for things at Target. Having had my own place for over 2 years, though, I already had most of the household basics. We have a full set of Pfaltzgraff dishes, new towels, a nice vacuum, a KitchenAid mixer, basic furniture, a decent TV, DVD/VCR. Pretty much the entire kitchen is set. Being content with what you have makes it difficult to register for things you want. It’s not that we don’t want things, it just that some things we wouldn’t register for until we had a house, or a garage. And while I’d like a nice big flat screen television, who would buy one for us? I think our registry is going to be a bit fun, if nothing else.

2 thoughts on “Set Phasers to ‘Shop’”

  1. Be careful registering at Target…they have a sucky return policy. Something else I learned, do NOT delete anything off of your registry. Ever. And if you get something off of your registry and they don’t mark it, make sure you do. Because if you do want to return something from your registry, you can, but only if it was shown as “purchased”.

  2. Also, since you’re not registering for too much stuff, you might not run into this, but we had problems with some of our items being clearanced out before people could purchase them. Target cycles through items so quickly, we actually had to re-register for towels at Bed Bath and Beyond because our Target towels were discontinued too quickly. :p

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