Finally moved in!

This past weekend, Matt & I moved into our new apartment. It’s really nice – nearly twice as large as my old apartment. Third floor apartment, too, so it was LOTS of fun moving stuff in. We still don’t everything situated the way we want, but we’re getting there. The old apartment has been a major hassle, though. I contacted the leasing agent at the old apartment, to let them know we’re not renewing the lease when it expires at the end of the month, and we’ve made alternate arrangements since we never heard back from them about the availability of a 2 bedroom apartment. Now they’re like “Oh no, we need a 30 day written notice!” Um, my LEASE EXPIRES. I didn’t RENEW. I’m not breaking my lease, just not renewing it. And now they’re trying to tell me my lease expires the end of July, not the end of June. Try again – my original lease was January 2005 through December 2005. When that expired, I signed an 18 month lease, from January 2006 through June 2007. It’s this kind of crap that caused me to LEAVE the old apartment. I was there for less than 30 months, and in that time there were at LEAST 3 different leasing agents. No one informed anyone else of what was going on – the original leasing agent waived the pet rent, but didn’t note it on the lease, and 2 subsequent leasing agents started harassing me for having a cat. They were bad about upkeep; my screen door was bad when I moved in, and was never fixed. The cupboard underneath the garbage disposal was moldy and warped from when the disposal leaked. They replaced the disposal, but ignored my requests to do something about the cupboard underneath. When the doorknob for my apartment broke and needed to be replaced, it took them nearly a week to replace it. I’ll be happy when I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Just Popping in to say “Hi”

I’ve been meaning to post a bit, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied the past week or so – Matt & I move into our new apartment this weekend, and I don’t have nearly enough stuff packed as I had hoped. This past weekend we went up to Traverse City for my cousin’s wedding – photos are coming soon, I promise. Once we get moved and a bit more settled, expect to see posts more often.

We Have an Apartment!

Matt & I have our new apartment all lined up! We move in June 16th; it’s at Sutton Club, which is very nice. There’s a pool, and great big decks, and a HUGE living room. Definitely a move up. My current apartment is 600 square feet, which isn’t bad for just me, but isn’t really big enough for two computer geeks. The new apartment is a 2 bedroom, and is 1,100 square feet, which my mom tells me is larger than my parent’s first house by about 60 square feet. Plus it has 1 3/4 bathrooms (the master bath has a shower stall, but no tub), so we won’t be fighting for bathroom space or time.

One of the big things for me, though, is that it has a DINING ROOM! Some of the houses we were looking at before didn’t even have a dining room. I would love actually having a table to have dinner at, instead of just pulling out the TV trays and eating at the couch. Yes, I have a bar in my apartment, but it always manages to be completely covered in stuff that has no better home. Imagine that.

It’s also a 3rd floor apartment, which is both good and bad. Bad, in that it will suck hauling furniture up the steps. But good in that we won’t have upstairs neighbors stomping around, and we won’t have to keep the bedroom window shut in the middle of the sweltering hot summer because the sprinkler is aimed RIGHT at it. We can leave the windows cracked open, and not have to worry about someone breaking in while we’re gone. I can’t wait! Less than a month until move-in…

A Slight Change of Plans…

So, after a fair amount of thought, Matt & I have decided that we’re not going to buy a house right now. After touring different houses in our current price range, we’ve discovered we don’t really LIKE what’s in our price range. The profiles always show so much promise, and we’re always disappointed with some aspect of the house. We don’t want to buy a house just because it’s there and we can afford it. With the wedding coming up, it would be pretty much impossible to save for wedding expenses AND a down payment on a house by the end of June. So if we do a year lease in an apartment, and spend a year saving up, hopefully by this time next year we’ll be able to look at some nicer houses. As far as apartments go, we’re considering 2 main options; getting a 2 bedroom in my current apartment complex, or try to get into a 2 bedroom apartment at the Sutton Club. We’ve both been to the Sutton Club for Anime Night at Tom’s, and I was a big fan of the washer/dryer in the unit. My main beef with apartment living is the laundry issue, actually. I hate stuffing $1.25 into the machine every time I need to do a load, and being tied to the apartment while I’m doing laundry. I would love to be able to toss a load of laundry in before bed, or when I go to work, and know that it will still be there when I get back. So, any thoughts or comments?