Good Bye Old Girl

Well, the time has finally come to replace my car. It’s been a good car for me, but it’s finally reached the age where it’s more of a hassle to maintain it, than it would be to replace it. Matt and I had already determined we were going to replace it before next winter, but a few car troubles have prompted us to push up the timeline a bit. After Thanksgiving, my car started blinking the low coolant warning light. I of course treat every warning light on my vehicle as though it has just transformed my vehicle into a ticking time bomb, so that freaked me out a little. After a coolant flush, I was getting the light again, and it got to the point where I had to top up the coolant weekly. I was losing coolant somewhere, but I could never find a puddle of leaked antifreeze under my car. Last Saturday night the temperature gauge starting creeping dangerously close to red line, and we finally decided that we didn’t really want to invest the time and money into fixing a coolant issue, since we already planned on replacing the car in a few months.

I’m kind of sad to see the car go; it’s still my first car, and it has a lot of memories for me. Of course, I AM looking forward to being rid of the hassles it’s given me.

Ok, forget that last bit of sentimentality. We just got back from the dealership, and I now have a shiny, dark blue, 2008 Toyota Matrix. I never realized how crappy the Saturn was until I drove something that didn’t suck. And the Matrix is niiiice. It has power windows, power locks, a moon roof and loads of cargo space. The old Saturn can go bugger off. Goodbye Old Screamer! (Bonus points, and perhaps cookies, if you catch the reference.)