Welcome Baby Marin!

Say hello to my newest niece; Marin Ava, born September 12th at 7:26pm.

Funny story – Nikki & Mark didn’t want to find out the gender before the baby was born (like with Laurel). Mom was CONVINCED this baby was going to be a boy; she bought blue EVERYTHING. So the night Marin was born, Mom was gathering up all the baby boy clothing she had bought from Kohl’s, and trying to take it back before they closed at 10pm.

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Bridal Shower Photos and more

This past Saturday was my bridal shower up in Traverse City. It was pretty fun, as far as bridal showers go, I must say. Lots of fun games, tasty food, and family. And lots of kitchen gadget goodness! Of course, now we need a bigger kitchen to hold all the kitchen stuff. Or maybe a storage unit – Matt & I still haven’t claimed our storage unit in the basement of the apartment yet.

The day after the bridal shower, we had a surprise baby shower brunch for Nikki & Mark, since their baby is due about a month before the wedding. Apparently she had no clue, even when she walked into the restaurant and saw Mark’s family there. She was under the assumption that the brunch was for Matt & I, and was terribly confused as to why her in-laws would be at our brunch.

Family Updates

So, I got a call this afternoon from my sister; it seems I’m going to be an aunt again. I never understood the whole “again” part; did I stop being an aunt at some point? But anyway, she’s due about a month before the wedding; they don’t know the gender yet, and won’t find out before the baby is born. They didn’t with Laurel, either. This does mean, however, that I have to get the lead out on my current craft projects; I’ve STILL not finished Laurel’s baby blanket or birth sampler, and she’ll be two in April. What can I say, I was a college student when I finished Kalob’s, and had a LOT more time then.