Finally moved in!

This past weekend, Matt & I moved into our new apartment. It’s really nice – nearly twice as large as my old apartment. Third floor apartment, too, so it was LOTS of fun moving stuff in. We still don’t everything situated the way we want, but we’re getting there. The old apartment has been a major hassle, though. I contacted the leasing agent at the old apartment, to let them know we’re not renewing the lease when it expires at the end of the month, and we’ve made alternate arrangements since we never heard back from them about the availability of a 2 bedroom apartment. Now they’re like “Oh no, we need a 30 day written notice!” Um, my LEASE EXPIRES. I didn’t RENEW. I’m not breaking my lease, just not renewing it. And now they’re trying to tell me my lease expires the end of July, not the end of June. Try again – my original lease was January 2005 through December 2005. When that expired, I signed an 18 month lease, from January 2006 through June 2007. It’s this kind of crap that caused me to LEAVE the old apartment. I was there for less than 30 months, and in that time there were at LEAST 3 different leasing agents. No one informed anyone else of what was going on – the original leasing agent waived the pet rent, but didn’t note it on the lease, and 2 subsequent leasing agents started harassing me for having a cat. They were bad about upkeep; my screen door was bad when I moved in, and was never fixed. The cupboard underneath the garbage disposal was moldy and warped from when the disposal leaked. They replaced the disposal, but ignored my requests to do something about the cupboard underneath. When the doorknob for my apartment broke and needed to be replaced, it took them nearly a week to replace it. I’ll be happy when I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Just Popping in to say “Hi”

I’ve been meaning to post a bit, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied the past week or so – Matt & I move into our new apartment this weekend, and I don’t have nearly enough stuff packed as I had hoped. This past weekend we went up to Traverse City for my cousin’s wedding – photos are coming soon, I promise. Once we get moved and a bit more settled, expect to see posts more often.