Set Phasers to ‘Shop’

So last night we (and by “we,” I mean “I”) caught Hell for not having registered anywhere for the wedding. I never know where to register, or what to register for. Mom sort of took care of the first one for us – she told people were going to register at Target and Kohl’s, which works. So tonight Matt & I filled out the registry, and got one of the fun little zappy guns, and registered for things at Target. Having had my own place for over 2 years, though, I already had most of the household basics. We have a full set of Pfaltzgraff dishes, new towels, a nice vacuum, a KitchenAid mixer, basic furniture, a decent TV, DVD/VCR. Pretty much the entire kitchen is set. Being content with what you have makes it difficult to register for things you want. It’s not that we don’t want things, it just that some things we wouldn’t register for until we had a house, or a garage. And while I’d like a nice big flat screen television, who would buy one for us? I think our registry is going to be a bit fun, if nothing else.

I Totally Love Big Lots

Matt & I were out tonight, picking up some things for the apartment – he needed a nightstand, and we were looking for a small bookshelf for the office, to hold computer books. We went to Big Lots, since they were closed Sunday when we tried last. Holy crap! We should have gone earlier! Not only did they have a nice little nightstand, and a short bookshelf, and a magnetic towel bar for the kitchen, they had ANIME! Good anime, even! They had the Cowboy Bebop: Best Sessions for $3! Sure, it’s not the whole series, but it’s only $3. They had stacks of anime; lots of which I’d not heard of before. We got the first volume of Galaxy Angel and Panda Z for $3 each, as well. Even if they turn out to be crap, they were only $3.

Happy Half-Off Candy Day!

Today, being the day after Valentine’s, is officially Half Off Candy Day; Valentine’s candy is now crazy cheap! Our Valentine’s day was good; we stayed in, made a nice dinner, and watched Clue. I love that movie so¬† much, and can quote it almost completely. We also exchanged gifts; geeks that we are, he got me Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS, and I got him XenoSaga 3 for the Playstation 2.

Let me tell you, finding XenoSaga 3 was no easy task; I went to 4 stores before I finally got it at EB Games. I was also mildly horrified by the guy that rang me up. He was like “Buying it for your boyfriend? Son? Daughter? You know it’s the third in a series, right?” First offense; clearly, since I’m a girl, I can’t POSSIBLY be purchasing a video game for myself, or be aware that it is third in a series. Because that 3 plastered right under XenoSaga is purely for aesthetics. Second offense; I’m 24 – do I LOOK old enough to have a child, specifically one old enough to play XenoSaga, a game that’s rated Teen? I realize I was bundled up in a coat, but come ON! I’ve had the issue with “OMG! A girl looking at video games! Get her!” salespeople before; the night before at Best Buy, I was asked 3 times if I needed any help while browsing video games. Matt, in the same area for the same amount of time, was never approached. I need to develop an aura of surly geekiness, to scare off the salespeople. Maybe stop bathing, or something. I think maybe I’ll start with some Final Fantasy 3.

And on a related rant; I am appalled by a few girl’s comments here, basically saying that they weren’t doing anything for their guys, because Valentine’s day was all about them. My general opinion is that all gift-giving occasions (I wouldn’t classify Valentine’s as a holiday, per se) are reciprocal, unless there is something about the day that implies otherwise. Basically, I’m not expected to get anyone else a present on my birthday, because it’s MY birthday. Other than that, if I’m expecting someone to go out of their way or do something special for me, I certainly plan to reciprocate.