Wedding Plans

Ok, figured I’d post with wedding updates, most likely more for my benefit than yours. So far I have;

  • the dress
  • the reception hall
  • the church
  • the dj

We still need;

  • flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages)
  • invitations
  • cake
  • photographer

Currently I’m going through paperwork mom sent down – one of her co-workers had a daughter get married in Grand Rapids, and sent down the names and information of everyone they used. Thankfully the florist and photographer have websites, as they are fairly visual and I’d like to check out their work a little before I decide if I’m interested. The people I’m checking out right now are as follows;

Mom is down Thursday and Friday, so I’m trying to get as many appointments in that time period as possible, so we can check things out. Hopefully I can get an appointment at Shelly’s Designs for Thursday, because if we like her that would take care of the flowers and the invites.

Let the House Hunt commence!

So, Matt & are looking at houses. Mom thinks we should stay in an apartment for a year or two, and save up money until we have enough of a down payment that we don’t need PMI . However, staying in an apartment long enough to bank a 20% down payment (around $20,000) means staying in an apartment for a LOT longer than I care to. Plus, the entire time we’re saving the down payment, we’ll still be flushing $600 a month down the toilet in rent payments. Honestly, I’d rather start putting equity in a house and deal with the PMI, rather than deal with an apartment’s lack of space and waste money on rent payments. As an added bonus, apparently now it’s a buyer’s market here in Grand Rapids. So, what do we want in a house? We’re not rich, so we’re hoping to pay between $90K and $110K – that should hopefully keep our monthly payments at about $700 a month. I specifically do NOT want a split-level/raised ranch. I just hate that style. I want a decent sized kitchen; decent sized is rather subjective, so I want more space than I have currently in my apartment. I want counter space, and a closet or pantry nearby for storage. We’d prefer 1.5 baths; 1 bath is acceptable if it’s a one-story, but at least 1.5 is preferable for more than one-story. 2 bedrooms is a minimum; 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom and an office would be a bonus. I want an actual dining room; not just a “breakfast nook” or “dining area.” Someplace where we can fit a table with up to 7 or 8 people around it. We’d also like it relatively close to work – I’d prefer east of Division, but we can make exceptions. High-speed internet access availability is a must, be it cable or DSL; we are geeks, after all. This being Michigan, I’d also want a 2 stall garage, so my car doesn’t have to suffer outside in the snow. An attached garage would be great, but unattached is ok so long as it’s not a hike from the house to the garage. Washer/dryer hookups are a must – I’m sick of dropping $2.50 a load to wash and dry. A dishwasher would be great, as well. So, we broke it down into two lists; must-haves and bonuses.

Must Have

  • $90K to $110K price tag
  • 2 bedrooms
  • decent sized kitchen & bath(s)
  • dining room (not just a “nook”)
  • washer/dryer hookups
  • high speed internet available
  • garage
  • up-to-date electrical & plumbing
  • decent neighborhood
  • <30 minute work commute
  • decent closet space
  • full basement

  • dishwasher
  • 2 stall garage
  • main floor laundry
  • A/C (or A/C ready)
  • 3rd bedroom or office
  • bike trail nearby
  • easy highway access

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter? Things we should consider?

Happy Half-Off Candy Day!

Today, being the day after Valentine’s, is officially Half Off Candy Day; Valentine’s candy is now crazy cheap! Our Valentine’s day was good; we stayed in, made a nice dinner, and watched Clue. I love that movie so¬† much, and can quote it almost completely. We also exchanged gifts; geeks that we are, he got me Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS, and I got him XenoSaga 3 for the Playstation 2.

Let me tell you, finding XenoSaga 3 was no easy task; I went to 4 stores before I finally got it at EB Games. I was also mildly horrified by the guy that rang me up. He was like “Buying it for your boyfriend? Son? Daughter? You know it’s the third in a series, right?” First offense; clearly, since I’m a girl, I can’t POSSIBLY be purchasing a video game for myself, or be aware that it is third in a series. Because that 3 plastered right under XenoSaga is purely for aesthetics. Second offense; I’m 24 – do I LOOK old enough to have a child, specifically one old enough to play XenoSaga, a game that’s rated Teen? I realize I was bundled up in a coat, but come ON! I’ve had the issue with “OMG! A girl looking at video games! Get her!” salespeople before; the night before at Best Buy, I was asked 3 times if I needed any help while browsing video games. Matt, in the same area for the same amount of time, was never approached. I need to develop an aura of surly geekiness, to scare off the salespeople. Maybe stop bathing, or something. I think maybe I’ll start with some Final Fantasy 3.

And on a related rant; I am appalled by a few girl’s comments here, basically saying that they weren’t doing anything for their guys, because Valentine’s day was all about them. My general opinion is that all gift-giving occasions (I wouldn’t classify Valentine’s as a holiday, per se) are reciprocal, unless there is something about the day that implies otherwise. Basically, I’m not expected to get anyone else a present on my birthday, because it’s MY birthday. Other than that, if I’m expecting someone to go out of their way or do something special for me, I certainly plan to reciprocate.

Password for the Wedding Dress Gallery

Since Matt doesn’t trust himself to go to the gallery and NOT look at the wedding dress, I’m going to be password protecting that gallery. Apparently he’s ok with seeing the password, but if it’s not protected, he doesn’t trust himself. Ok, I guess. So, for everyone who is interested, the password is weddingdress.